• me yesterday night : lol who needs sleep
  • me today: i do. i need sleep.
  • me tonight: lol who needs sleep
Remember when that’s so raven, hannah montana, and the suite life of zack and cody did a mashup episode and it was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to you.

Best comment. 


    Favorite day is the day that i can stay home in pajamas all day…

    "everything I like is either expensive, illegal or won’t text me back"
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My heart

You feel like home ❤️


    what you say: nicki minaj is untalented and a whore
    what i hear: i’m boring and misogynistic


I feel every step vodka’s spirit takes.
It starts at my lips, waltzes across my tongue, makes its way down my throat,
Like liquid fire, it burns everything in its path.
It spreads through my body, to my fingertips, to my toes.
Now it’s overtaking my being, taking over my balance.
I fly like a spirit
For I am possessed.
I see it when my eyes are open.
I feel it when my eyes are closed.
I never thought love could be intoxicating.

Happy birthday William ❤

This is Kyle :) we started dating as of 1am this morning October 15th, 2014. I met him through my best friend’s boyfriend (whom is his best friend) here at my college while we all met up for lunch on campus one day. He seemed like a cool and funny guy so I added him on facebook because I was sure we would hang out again at some point. Later that night, he messages me “It was really nice meeting you today, and I just wanted to say that I think you are really pretty and I would love to treat you to a proper date if you let me :)” This whole thing threw me because I have been single for over 2 years. So the fact that someone asked me out on a date was the greatest thing I could hear atm.That sunday we went to a mexican restuarant in our college town, and dessert after at a malt shop across the street. We talked like we’ve been friends for months..let alone just meeting 2 days ago. Since then we hung out more and grabbed lunch/dinner together between classes.
October 14th, I met him at the cafe near our residents buildings for a late dinner. He then took me to the computer because he said he needed to print stuff out for a class. Afterwards he said, “Can we walk to the gas station? I want to grab a snack.” mind you…this gas station is a long ass walk. At midnight. But im like okayyy. So we walk all the way there and he then says “I dont know if they accept bearbucks (our ids where you can put money on) here. Could you check the door to see if they do?” So I walk out of the store and im like ” I dont see a sign…” and i look up to see him inside the store, holding up a piece of paper, asking “Will you go out with me?”
It was the cutest ‘asking out’ proposal ever and I honestly couldn’t stop smiling all night. Although ive only known him a month, I feel like I finally found something good and I hope we make many memories together <3 - http://gmac126.tumblr.com/